Welcome to my new site

You may be wondering if you’ve actually come to the right place. Never fear, this is the website of a genealogist. A genealogist with experience and a qualification, no less. A genealogist who, when first thinking of redesigning her website, started with a rather muted colour palate; sensible typography and a lot of images of trees and people looking pensively at old documents.

The first site looked good, man. Really. It was exactly what a genealogist’s website should look like.

The only problem being… it wasn’t me.

Yes, I’m a professional genealogist. Yes, I do serious research and provide my clients with outstanding reports of a high quality and with a level of detail they expect. Yes, I take my job seriously.

But also, no, I’m not what you’d expect a genealogist to be. I’m colourful and fun and quirky and bouncy and all these colours you see here on this site? Yeah, that’s me.

So, when you hire me as a genealogist, you’re going to get the very best research and report, but you’re also going to get me – my unique view of the world and your ancestors and my attention to detail. I might discover that one of your ancestors had a really interesting life because of a single event that occurred and I may look into that in detail and give you a rundown of how they lived and what they did.

It’s not just about names and dates for me. It’s never just about names and dates. The people I research are more than just that. They are the backbone of your whole being, your childhood, your values, your beliefs are all, in some way, influenced by those people and that deserves respect.

I may be quirky and “out there”, but I have a deep love and respect for all ancestors and everyone’s story. They all had loves and losses and trials and happiness and struggles and moments of sheer joy and, if I can help you to discover all or part of what made them who they were, then it will be my privilege and honour.

So, once again, welcome to my new website.

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